Cultivating Healthy Relationships

In this 12 month Compassionate Communication Program you will learn

  • To understand and manage your emotional triggers (Self Empathy)
  • Connect and listen to others in a way which is honest and loving (empathy for others)
  • Express your truth in a way which can be heard (Honest expression)

You will move out of conditioned reactions and move into more compassionate responses which will serve all your relationships.

Working over a 12 month period will give you plenty of opportunity to trial and practice what you learn in each monthly session. There will be a whatsapp/facebook support group and encouraged to team up with empathy buddy for regular session throughout the year.

This course is open to those both who are new to Compassionate Communication who want to integrate their learning into everyday life.

This course will run on a Sunday afternoon 1:30 – 5:00pm starting 3rd February. 

Cost £30 per session, includes monthly sessions and social media support. 1st session due before 3/2/19 then either remainder £330 paid in full or by instalments. To book complete Registration form

Paypal link for £30 deposit



“Throughout our lives no one teaches us how to be in relationships. There are no classes in school that tell us how to have healthy and happy relationships. We are often just navigating them on our own and learning as we go.”