Compassionate Communication (NVC)

Compassionate Communication otherwise known as Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is a language process which is practical and easy to learn. Its purpose is to help create a deeper quality of connection to ourselves and  between each other in order to meet everyones needs in a peaceful and effective way.

The NVC process guides us to reframe how we express ourselves and how we listen to others. It supports individuals in getting what they most want without betraying their integrity or hurting other people. It has a profoundly positive effect on relationships, working and living environments and capacity for social action.

Learning and practising the skills of NVC will help you discover how to

  • Hear difficult messages without taking them personally 
  • Prevent misunderstandings by clearly expressing yourself 
  • Transform your anger before it leads to actions that you may regret 
  • Inspire confidence from others by creating win/win solutions 
  • Discover the human needs that motivate you and make effective choices 
  • Form meaningful relationships with friends, coworkers and family members 
  • Overcome cultural conditioning that promotes violence 

You can learn the skills through a Weekend Workshop or a Six-week Course or get a flavour of the process at a Taster session.  To gain clarity around a specific communication block you can also work on a 1-2-1 basis with NVC Coaching. 

To express interest in workshop, course or 1-2-1 session email or contact Sharon 07921470357

Current events

Monthly Practice evening4th Wednesday of each month7pm - 9pmHolywood, Co Down£7
Cultivating Healthy Relationships3rd Sunday each month during 20192pm - 5:30pmBelfast£400 for 12 sessions inc social media support. Instalments and special offers available SeeMore