About Sharon

Sharon’s yoga journey began in the late 90’s when she was a young Mum struggling with raising a family and working full time as well as dealing with financial pressures and stresses of daily living. Her regular practice of yoga has been essential for staying calm and centred  during these times and it has also helped to gain a deeper understanding of the lessons in each of the challenges which she has faced over the years from dealing with the affects of abuse, addictions and suicide.  It is from her own healing that she now wishes to share these tools and practices with other which helped her throughout these times. This motivated her to give up her career in education to retrain as a yoga teacher and life coach. Her 200hr training was completed in 2017 with Jivani Yoga Belfast. She believes she can help others gain awareness and understanding of their own challenges which in turn can help promote positive change and a sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

About Heart of Yoga

Mark Whitwhell

Her training was in Heart of Yoga practice which was a style which she had never practised or heard of before. This style comes from the lineage of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, passed down through his son Sri TKV Desikachar to Mark Whitwell.  She feels blessed to have been trained to teach this style of yoga by Emma Warmington which favours yoga being adapted to suit the individual. Removing some of the more complex postures from her own practice has allowed her to be more accepting of her own body’s limitations and in turn increased the capability of her body.

The practice uses Breath Initiated Movement and focuses on the steady rhythm of a four part Ujjai breath. Heart of Yoga promotes that practice of yoga is for everybody regardless of age, body type, gender or culture and focuses less on the complex poses which have been favoured by the fitness and fashion industry who took over yoga in western countries over the last few decades. Yoga is a whole body experience which helps us develop an intimacy with our own experience. It is the union of body and mind through the breath.